The 6 Best Electric Body Hair Trimmers for All Needs

Want to get into manscaping? You've come to the right place.

April 19, 2024 10:48 am
Find the best body hair trimmer for you
Find the best body hair trimmer for you

Every guy should own a body trimmer in 2024. (Yes, you should keep yourself tidy down there, fellas). But because there are so many out there, it can be difficult to choose the right model for you. Some people prefer the whole package: customizable attachments, LED lights and varying guard heights. Others opt for compact shavers that simply get the job done. The good news is that modern, personal trimmers are more versatile, better designed and more tech-friendly than ever, providing precision trimming for chest, back, underarms and the groin area. Almost all are now waterproof, allowing for shower use and easy cleaning, and irritation minimization is also a priority. Compact and portable designs make them travel-friendly, battery life is longer and charging is more convenient. Plus, most brands prioritize design, ensuring these trimmers look as good as they work.

When choosing a new trimmer, consider your specific needs. How many attachments do you want for various hair lengths? Do you prefer a separate trimmer for the nose and ears and adjustable settings? Is long battery life important if you travel a lot? Do you shave somewhat blindly in the shower or prefer an LED light to show hard-to-see areas? Whether it’s mostly for your privates or total body, we’ve narrowed it down to six modern trimmers to suit most guys’ follicular shaping needs. Keeping your various regions trimmed should be part of your grooming routine, and these trimmers easily accomplish the task, all while adding a touch of style to your shelf.

Most Customizable

The Braun All-in-One Series 9 is for the guy who wants all the accouterments. This 13-in-1 kit meets all trimming needs, from detailing to precision shaving to complete body grooming. The style kit offers a beard, ear and nose trimmer, hair clippers, and body groomer, and its Precision Wheel provides a 40-length setting. The ProBlade is sharp and efficient and easily passes through courser or thicker hair in every stroke, even in tricky areas. Braun’s innovative AutoSense technology utilizes sensors to detect the density of your facial hair and adjusts the shaver’s power accordingly. Built to last, it boasts a powerful Li-Ion battery, a cordless runtime of 180 minutes, a charging stand and a premium storage case. This is for the guy who wants the most versatile, customizable and pro-at-home shaving experience.

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Most Intuitive

When Phillips Norelco OneBlade first came on the grooming scene years ago, it offered guys (and gals) a simple yet highly effective full-body shaving experience. With its waterproof design, compact footprint and safety for sensitive areas, it bridged the gap between electric razors and traditional face shavers, allowing for easy blade replacement to maintain sharpness and hygiene. Philips Norelco recently launched OneBlade Intimate, specifically tailored for precise trimming in intimate areas for a gender-inclusive audience. Equipped with a SkinProtect Blade, its glide coating and rounded tips help protect against nicks and cuts. The dual-sided blade allows for shaving in any direction, while a fast-moving cutter increases efficiency. Its replaceable heads have a lifespan of up to four months, and the battery provides 30 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. The OneBlade proves that sometimes less is more.

Best Tech

The Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra by Manscaped is a cutting-edge, waterproof trimmer designed with all the tech bells and whistles. Featuring an innovative dual-head system with SkinSafe™ blades, it effortlessly trims, shaves and shapes all body areas and works in any direction with each stroke. Wireless Qi charging compatibility means it can be conveniently charged using any Qi-certified wireless pad or station. The Li-ion battery provides up to 60 minutes of runtime, while Dual-temp LEDs illuminate various skin tones for an even shave. Constant RPMs prevent the blade from slowing down as the battery drains, reducing the risk of hair pulling, and a tri-level LED low battery indicator lets you know at various stages when a charge is needed. Additionally, a travel lock prevents accidental activation during travel.

Best for Down There

Trim down there without fear, fellas! The Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Trimmer is the brand’s pioneering, dermatologist-tested offering for men, tailored specifically for grooming below the waist. With three interchangeable guards and SkinFirst™ technology, it offers guys various trimming options while minimizing the risk of irritation or nicks. Its rounded, pad-like “feet” ensure skin is safeguarded from the moving blade during shaving. The SkinFirst™ cutting system is engineered to be gentle on thin, loose skin, featuring a smaller opening angle and wider, less pointy teeth tips to reduce skin bulging in the cutting zone (meaning maximum safety around your privates). The Li-Ion battery provides an impressive 100 minutes of usage on a single charge, while its waterproof construction allows for trimming at the sink or in the shower.

Best Design

The Meridian Trimmer, with its streamlined, ergonomic design and myriad of colors, is as much a handsome addition to your medicine cabinet as it is a high-performance body trimmer. The Trimmer Plus is tailored to the grooming enthusiast — it showcases a sleek, modern, compact design and practical, high-performing features. A fixed guard with four adjustable settings handles the most challenging hair with precision, and you can use it for a clean shave, neatly-trimmed appearance or fuller style. This workhorse is also very quiet and waterproof, with an LED spotlight for smaller areas. With an included cleaning brush and USB-C charger and charging dock, this trimmer is where form meets function.

Best for Travel

The Archibald Full Body Trimmer by British grooming brand Balls (yes, the name is intentional — hello, marketing!) is an excellent option for those on the go. Its waterproof and shock-resistant casing provides durability, while the built-in travel lock prevents it from accidentally turning on in your bag or luggage. The Li-Ion battery boasts an impressive one-hour runtime, and the vanity-friendly dock with universal USB-C charging provides convenient charging. Engineered for safety, it’s “sack safe” with three settings for precise trimming and has replaceable ceramic blades designed for intimate areas. With a powerful 7000rpm motor for power and an LED light for visibility, the ergonomic design and silicone wrist strap add easy handling, making it perfect for tossing in your Dopp kit for all your summer travels.

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