Review: Cuts Clothing Is for the Multi-Hyphenate Individual

Are you familiar with elevated basics? Let us introduce you.

April 22, 2024 11:54 am
Cuts Clothing makes solid wardrobe basics.
Cuts Clothing makes solid wardrobe basics.

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Shopping for quality basics can be tricky. The market is starting to oversaturate, with brands popping up left right and center, all claiming to sell capsule pieces that will outlast other closet items. But how true is that? More importantly, how can brands stand out among the competition? Enter Cuts Clothing

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I certainly was not familiar with the brand prior to testing out their products, in part because I never intentionally buy brand new staple pieces — like plain tee shirts or long sleeves — because they often feel too stiff and too new to be comfortable in. So I am usually left to turn to the thrift store where I snatch up someone else’s pre-loved black Gap shirt from the 90’s that their mom gave them and call it a day.

But I am happy to report that Cuts Clothing is doing their best to make sure you find something that is right for you, that fits the way you want, and that will carry you through different fashion settings with ease.

The company’s ethos revolves around making good quality clothing for what they call the “sport of business.” My best interpretation of that was that they want you to wear their clothes all day long — and honestly, you kind of can. At the end of the day basics are meant to be worn in all settings and Cuts Clothing has embraced that ideology. You should be able to sport a white tee shirt in the office, at your morning workout and out for dinner with friends afterwards.

Cuts Clothing has a pretty basic roundup of bestsellers, most of which we’ve linked down below. From those aforementioned versatile tees to long-sleeve tops to bomber jackets, these are all things that you can dress up or down. The brand has also just released their Spring 2024 collection, which features their classic basics along with other quality items like collared shirts and lightweight jackets in new colorways.  

What I Liked

I spent about a week decked out in select Cuts Clothing items to get a better sense of what their products were all about. So lets dig into the good stuff.


The bottom line is that their products are made out of what feels like quality fabric. Officially, they use a proprietary blend of materials for most of their tops, which includes spandex, cotton and polyester. I spent a good amount of time in the brands LS Cropped Tomboy Tee, which is made out of just cotton and spandex, and it felt like a softer version of athleisure wear. The brand also did not fail to incorporate fine detailing in the form of a small embroidered ‘X’ stitch into their pieces. This caught my eye when testing out their products and served as an understated way to incorporate their logo into their pieces.


I know I’ve already mentioned that the brand works to provide you, the buyer, with clothes you can wear day-round, but I’ll reemphasize it here. I wore the brands Almost Friday Tee (*on Saturday*) while I was running errands, while I was walking around and later while I was at a bar downtown with my friends. You really can where these pieces everywhere and use them as a base to build around and play with depending on the occasion.

Bang For Your Buck

The price point at which you’re going to get the Cuts Clothing pieces is pretty reasonable. I’ve bought basics in the past that range from $5 all the way up to $100 for a long-sleeve tee — and after a certain point you’re only paying for the brand name. On average, most of the Cuts Clothing pieces stand at price points I would argue are worth it when purchasing something that you’ll wear often and that will last. Their shirts stand at ~$50 or ~$60 and pants float around $100. Their jackets run on the pricier side of things but I am generally of the opinion that investing in a good jacket that fits you right is never a bad idea.

What Needs Work

The Clothes Fit Too Well

At the end of the day, sometimes ill-fitting clothes hit. There is a reason that I am selective about which basics I choose to buy brand new because it can be hard to find ones that fit the way I want; and while I was often turning to wear the Cuts Clothing pieces I sported for the last week, some days I just wanted to wear an oversized tee-shirt and head out to see my friends.

There is nothing wrong with wanting your clothes to fit perfectly and to be so honest, you should be buying clothes that fit you well because looking like you know how to dress is hot! So show that skill off. But if you’re having one of those days where you’re overstimulated and want to wear clothes that are barely touching you — put the Cuts pieces down and grab your old branded shirt you bought at some thrift store in the midwest.

Remember to Branch Out

While these clothes are great, please remember to branch out. Constructing a strong capsule wardrobe that prioritizes versatility is only step one in developing your own style identity. Once you build that foundation feel free to add color, pattern and texture into your outfits. No one *really* likes to blend in with the crowd (unless that’s you?), and these pieces are only part of the journey everyone should be on toward becoming autonomous and creative with their clothes.


Ultimately, if you are someone who values your time and money but also wants to look cool — I would suggest turning to Cuts Clothing. This brand is definitely for the on-the-go individual who wants to ensure they’re going to be appropriately dressed for any occasion they may encounter. So if you feel like that’s you and you are now convinced you need to invest in some basics, check out some of the products we’ve linked up above. Or feel free to online shop on your own time here.

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