Deal: AllSaints Makes a Perfect Peacoat That's Now $260 Off

Designed with a nod to its military history

AllSaints Men's Gregory Peacoat
The Gregory Peacoat from AllSaints is currently 50% off in all sizes, but don't expect that to last.

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You already know that the peacoat is an essential part of every man’s outerwear arsenal. (If you missed that lesson, it’s about time you learned.) What you maybe didn’t know is that the style originated, as many men’s garments do, in military service, particularly the navy.

That’s why the Gregory Peacoat from AllSaints, one of our favorite British brands, is so special — instead of stripping away its history, the black wool-blend coat revels in it, with authentic details like wide lapels and double-breasted buttons. What makes it even more special, though, is that they just slashed the price in half in all sizes. 

Why is such a versatile, classic peacoat currently $263 off? Beats me, but if you’re in need of a layer that’ll last you now through the nippier days of spring, you won’t find a better deal.

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