Snag Allbirds’ Eco-Friendly Sneakers During Their Massive Labor Day Sale

Interested in Silicon Valley's favorite shoe? Now's your chance to grab them at a discount.

August 31, 2022 11:43 am
An overlayed image of a model walking in a pair of grey Allbirds Wool Runners

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Bankers have their suits. Doctors have their scrubs. And tech bros? Tech bros have their Allbirds. The immensely popular New Zealand-based shoe retailer has skyrocketed from an eco-forward start-up to a multi-billion dollar label, helped along in large part by Silicon Valley’s mass adoption of the merino and lyocell-based styles. We’re positive you’ve seen their sleek, almost formless shape on the feet of Patagonia-vest touting techies; hell, maybe you even own a pair yourself.

But why exactly is the style so popular? It could have something to do with the brand’s quest for sustainability; utilizing a variety of eco-conscious materials like merino wool and eucalyptus tree fiber, many of Allbirds’ styles are carbon-neutral or negative. Coupled with a breathable, woven upper and streamlined, office-ready style, it makes sense that they appeal to such a large crowd.

Of course, not everyone has tech-sector money, which is why we’re happy to report that Allbirds is currently throwing a Labor Day Sale, with up to 40% off select (and best-selling) styles, like the original Wool Runner, lightweight Tree Dasher and shockingly solid Trail Runner. If you’re curious about the hubbub, there’s never been a better time to test the sustainable styles out.

Sizing is going quick — already spotty on some of the top offerings — so we’ve compiled the greatest hits from Allbirds Labor Day Sale, to help you choose the right shoe for you. Below we have six styles from Allbirds to snag this Labor Day.

Shop the Allbirds Labor Day Sale:

The black and white Tree Dasher 1 sneaker from Allbirds on a grey background
Allbirds Tree Dasher 1

Allbirds Tree Dasher 1

Our favorite style from Allbirds — you can check out our initial review here — the Tree Dasher’s lightweight, breathable weave and eco-conscious design has won us over.

The purple and grey Trail Runner sneaker from Allbirds on a grey background
Allbirds Sugar Slider SWT

Allbirds Trail Runners SWT

Another well-reviewed style, the Trail Runner’s 4mm lugged outsole and ripstop mudguard hold up surprisingly well, especially considering the shoe is woven out of eucalyptus tree fiber and merino wool.

The khaki wool runner sneaker from Allbirds on a grey background
Allbirds Wool Runner

Allbirds Wool Runners

There’s a reason the Wool Runner has wormed its way onto every foot in corporate America. Comfy, breathable, and subtle enough to sneak by the office dress code, they’re a solid choice for almost every guy.

The burnt red Tree Topper sneaker from Allbirds on a grey background
Allbirds Tree Topper

Allbirds Tree Toppers

Prefer a high top? Allbirds has that, too, gussied up in their lightweight lyocell blend.

The all black Sugar Slider from Allbirds on a grey background
Allbirds Sugar Slider

Allbirds Sugar Sliders

It’s not just sneakers that makeup Allbirds rooster of footwear. The Sugar Sliders are crafted from (you guessed it) a proprietary material made from sugarcane and the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA. Great for the environment, even better for sultry summer hangs.

The blue Tree Piper sneaker from Allbirds on a grey background
Allbirds Tree Piper

Allbirds Tree Pipers

The classic low-cut sneaker, Allbirds-afied.

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