These Affordable Menswear Essentials Will Complete Your Summer Wardrobe

Less money spent on clothes means more money to spend on Strawberitas

June 3, 2024 12:08 pm
Summer Essentials
Your summer wardrobe is lacking.

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And just like that, summer is here. Rays of sunshine are beaming down — time to crank the air conditioner, lather up with some sunscreen and take stock of your summer wardrobe. Chances are, there are some holes that will come to plague your summer Friday plans if you’re not careful. A multi-purpose linen shirt here, a pair of shorts that you feel comfortable in there.

The Affordable Summer Essentials You Need

The Everyday Short: Madewell 5 1/2″ Linen Everywear Shorts, $68
The Summerweight Button-Down: Todd Snyder Classic Fit Summerweight Favorite Shirt, $148 $99
The Lose-able Sunglasses: Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses, $45
The Beachified Birkenstocks: Birkenstock Boston EVA Clogs, $60
The Down-to-Clown Knit Polo: Abercrombie & Fitch Crochet-Style Button-Through Sweater Polo, $90
The Office-Appropriate Summer Trousers: Uniqlo x JW Anderson Linen-Blend Relaxed Pants, $60 $50

Here’s the thing: filling out the gaps in your closet doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. To prove our point, we’ve rounded up six common menswear essentials that every guy should have. From EVA Birks to the best shorts on the market to the classic A&F knit polo, here are six essentials, all under $100, to help round our your summer wardrobe.

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Why you need it: Because it’s summer, and those gams are gonna get hot. Between all the Baggie noise, finding the right pair of shorts can be tricky, but Madewell’s Everywear joints make letting the thighs breathe a total cakewalk. They’re the perfect length, cooling to the touch and ultra-versatile.

How to style it: The beauty of well-fitting shorts is that they work with almost anything — pairing with a louche linen shirt and fisherman sandals are our look of choice this summer, but they’ll do just fine with your favorite tee and chucks.

Why you need it: You might think that you’re already set in the oxford department, but have you considered a button-down that you won’t immediately sweat through? Todd’s summerweight favorite shirt is cut from a breezy cotton, and in a classic fit, drapes off the body in a way that’d make Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley jealous. If you need something more neutral than a banker blue, try the classic white, instead.

How to style it: Embrace the “un-” method of dressing — untucked, unbuttoned, unbothered.

Why you need it: Sunglasses for summer are a no-brainer, but unless you’ve got a point to prove (or are really, really good at hanging on to your stuff) a $400 pair of shades is a suspect investment. Huckberry’s Cruisers have a classic, 1950s look that’ll only run you $45 to replace when you inevitably lose them at the beach/backyard BBQ/bar.

How to style it: Slip them on and let it rock.

Why you need it: Birkenstock Boston clogs have become the de facto “cool guy’ slip-on in recent years, but sand and surf are sure to do a number on the supple leather they typically come in. Circumvent the issue with a pair of chic, very washable EVA Bostons instead…for only $60, no less.

How to style it: Pair with your favorite swim trunks, a pair of flowing linen trousers or maybe even a very oversized pair of jorts and a cutoff. All the kids are doing it.

Why you need it: If you’re still unsure as to why you might need Abercrombie & Fitch’s best-selling knit polo at this point, we don’t know how to help you. The style has become synonymous with summer livin’, especially when it involves a cold drink in hand.

How to style it: The shortest of shorts — maybe even a matching pair — or the widest-legged of jeans should equally compliment this boxy polo.

Why you need it: We can’t stop raving about these Uniqlo x JW Anderson pants, mostly because they’re essentially a pair of designer linen trousers for just $50. Cut relaxed (and we mean relaxed), they’re dressy enough to wear to the office and look killer with a tank. If cotton is more your speed, there’s always the wide-fit pleated chinos.

How to style it: An aforementioned tank will instantly make you look ten times as ripped in these high-waisted pants. Or, play it safe with a ribbed polo or sensible linen sweater.

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