Aether Used Motorcycle-Gear Tech in Its New Dalton Sneaker

Even though it just launched, you can get 10% off

Aether Apparel Dalton Sneaker in navy
Meet Aether Apparel's first sneaker: the Dalton.
Aether Apparel

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When it comes to sneakers, what hasn’t been done? In the last month alone, we wrote about Ben & Jerry’s sneakers, Grateful Dead sneakers and even Dippin’ Dots sneakers (at least that’s what I think those are) — and that’s just Nike. 

So when Aether Apparel, one of our longtime favorite outdoor-adjacent brands, released the Dalton Sneaker this week we were well and truly surprised. Not only is the design of the company’s first sneaker unexpected, it offers something we’ve never seen before: motorcycle tech.

To be clear, we’re talking about motorcycle-gear tech, something Aether specializes in. For the Dalton, the brand took D30, a shock-absorbing material used in their moto jackets and pants, and infused it into the ankle and the insoles to offer extra protection. Thankfully, the sneaker doesn’t look like an airbag for your feet; instead, it’s a rather timeless high-top done up in both Italian and Japanese leather and available in green, navy or black.

Intrigued? Even though the sneaker debuted this week, Aether is currently offering 10 percent off sitewide (including on the Dalton) with code GETGIVE, and in turn Aether will be donating 10 percent of every sale to organizations tackling the homeless crisis. It’s the epitome of a win-win situation.

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