Shoes | May 28, 2020 8:30 am

Nike to Release Grateful Dead-Inspired Sneakers

Yes, they have a stash pocket

Green Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Nike sneakers
Nike's new Grateful Dead SB Dunk Lows.
Instagram via @repgod888

You won’t find these on Shakedown Street (yet, at least): Nike is reportedly gearing up to release some fuzzy Grateful Dead-inspired SB Dunk Low sneakers that pay homage to the dancing bears that first appeared on the back cover of the band’s History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One (Bear’s Choice) album in 1973.

The three colorways will feature a faux fur upper with suede overlays and a jagged Nike Swoosh that is meant to call to mind the bears’ jester collars. They also feature a zippered “stash pocket” on the tongue, perfect for hiding the recreational drugs that Deadheads are notorious for partaking in.

There’s no specific release date just yet, though the shoes are rumored to drop sometime in June and retail for $110 a pair. As the blog LiveForLiveMusic noted, “The unusual choice of materials is reminiscent of the equally fuzzy dunks released in the Goldilocks-inspired ‘Three Bears Pack‘ in 2006. These shoes are likely to become collectors’ items, even if they are hard to wear unless you’re dressed up like a fuzzy dancing bear (which isn’t totally out of the question among fans of the Dead). For reference, the ‘Papa Bear’ Dunk Highs, ‘Mama Bear’ Dunk Mids, and ‘Baby Bear’ Dunk Lows from 2006 now resell for over $1K a pair.”

You can check out photos of the green Grateful Dead SB Dunk Lows below, courtesy of Instagram user @repgod888, and you can see photos of the yellow and orange versions here.

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