A Beginner’s Guide to Floral Shirting

It’s the official shirt of good vibes™. Here are 10 we love.

By The Editors
June 7, 2016 9:00 am

Whether out in the park or in your closet, shirts with flowers have always been a summer must-have. And while a floral button-up might be the boldest thing you wear this season, it doesn’t have to actually be bold, per se.

While a man can and should exercise his right to overgrown, crazy print florals, the more reserved fellow can still get creative with an understated pattern shirt that doesn’t scream “Which way to the tiki bar, brah?”

It really just depends on what you’re most comfortable with.

Below, a few of the season’s best botanical fits, whether you just wanna plant the seed or tend a full-grown conservatory.

Statement Florals
1. 8.15 August Fifteenth Rose Pink Printed Poplin $200 | 2. Scotch & Soda Printed Hawaiin Shirt $89 | 3. Saturdays NYC Esquina Palm Print Shirt $115 | 4. Gitman Vintage Night Bloom $195 | 5. Barney Cools Miami Shirt $89

Subtle Florals
1. Club Monaco PC Floral Shirt $89.50 | 2. Penfield Chama Shirt $85 | 3. The Hill-Side Lizas Tree Drawing Shirt $89.50 | 4. Taylor Stich Mini Floral Shirt $88 | 5. J. Crew Floral-Print Shirt $70

Main Photo: Taylor Stitch

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