Your Granddad Would Approve of This Table

And so will your grandkids.

July 28, 2015 9:00 am

We think of heirloom furniture as something we’ll inherit.

But turn the tables for a second: heirloom furniture is also something we’ll leave behind.

And our progeny, well, they deserve their share, too.

You’ll find it at the Jacob May Studio in Oakland, where designer Dave Bell creates made-to-last furniture with modern sensibilities in mind.

Take the Nomad Table, now on view, along with other Jacob May pieces, at Heath Ceramics.

It’s made to the highest standard, of solid wood, with a hand-rubbed oil finish and antique joinery techniques.

It’s made to be used; it’s made to be loved. Leave your favorite drinking glass on it and, over time, its ring will imbue a unique patina and make the table your own.

But — like the name suggests — it’s meant to move with you, from studio apartment to 4BR-with-kids to summer house. It’s as easy to flat-pack as the worst (if ever-convenient) IKEA has to offer.

Bell also makes exquisite butcher blocks and takes commissions for other projects, both large and small.

Find him here.

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