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The Oaxacan Duffle. It ain’t no gym bag.

  • 23 April 2014

What’s there to say about a duffle bag?

It’s an empty vessel, less a thing in itself than the sum of what it contains.

Unless it's the Oaxacan Duffle from Will Leather Goods, available now to the first man with fleet enough fingers to claim it.

If there's an answer to the riddle "When is a bag not just a bag?", this is it.

The Oaxacan is a joyous marriage of hand-woven Zapotec wool rug and Will's signature leatherwork enclosing a baby-soft chambray lining.

Should you miss out, never fear.

The Oaxacan collection contains equally lust-worthy, if less spacious, alternates.

Talking five messengers:

Just shy of a dozen dopps:

And even a little love for the iPad.

But make no mistake, whichever flavor you're eyeballing, this collection is scarce by design.

Just like any traveling man worth his salt come summertime.

The Specifics

Will Leather Goods

Extremely limited edition. Order online.

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