A Wayyyy Better Buffalo Exchange

First dibs on secondhand.

By The Editors
March 3, 2015 9:00 am

Gentlemen, how would you describe your sartorial style?

Layered and functional? Hiker casual? Haute campfire?

Regardless, your correspondent has found your next favorite online clothing store for all of those: Twice.

Twice is basically a more stylish, better organized and more well-lit (times infinity) Buffalo Exchange — at up to 75% off.

The S.F.-based site just launched its men’s section, and the search-by-brand feature is fast and efficient.

That makes it easy to find your favorites, whether you’re looking for some classic Levi’s (at around $12), date-night shirts or stuff for the gym.

Not much today? Try back tomorrow. The beauty of the site is its turnover.

This is especially true for the odd high-end treasure — we’ve seen some sail in and out in minutes, like a $1,200 cashmere jacket from Ermenegildo Zegna for $300.

Consider it less a shopping trip than a lottery.

The prize is extra time, extra cash and a more stylish closet.

All good things.

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