This Hotel Lets You Hunt Your Own Drinks

Seriously, let’s do this.

By The Editors
March 5, 2015 9:00 am
This Hotel Lets You Hunt Your Own Drinks
Trinette Reed Photography

Sure, we San Franciscans love our farm-to-table foods and artisanal everything, but sometimes the closest we get to living off the land is foraging for reservations at Lazy Bear.

Time to really get back to nature — and y’know, have a nice weekend getaway while we’re at it — with The Carneros Inn in Napa and their cocktail foraging experience.

Yes, that means you’ll be hunting for your cocktail. Quite literally.

The Carneros Inn is one of our favorite Napa destinations, both for its haute accommodations (like a one-bedroom suite with private garden and outdoor shower) and its breathtaking property: 27 acres of orchards, grape vines, gardens and fields. 

Join up, and you’ll scour the inn’s grounds for ingredients like Mission figs, pomegranate, quince and almonds, as well as olives, French lavender, thyme and basil.

Goods in hand, you’ll receive a mixology tutorial incorporating your quarry.

Drinks change with the season — and with the foraged finds.

Not long ago, the discovery of a quail egg led to the development of a whiskey cocktail called The Carnivore.

Like our brave forefathers, you’ll go to bed knowing you lived (and drank) off the land.

Only you’ll go to sleep on luxury bedding, with your own fireplace, in a private Napa Valley cottage.

We’re not complaining.


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