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Rickshaw’s reflective backpack: It’s bright

  • 02 October 2014

Cargo space and visibility.

It's hard to get enough of either in the saddle of your favorite two-wheeler.

Eager to up your stock of both:

The Dogpatch-based bagmen of Rickshaw and their slightly hyperbolic Amazing Reflective Backpack, now up for preorder.

In a nutshell, Rickshaw's developed a futuristic synthetic wool tweed that stands up to abuse, looks stylish in the daylight (hello, herringbone) and flares up like a full moon when confronted with headlights on a dark stretch of road.

Well, any lights, really.

Rub is, this is a Kickstarter campaign.

Salve is, it's fully funded nearly six times over and Rickshaw has a proven supply chain (not to mention a snazzy shop).

And the bonus for having a little faith: November delivery and a deep discount on retail.

Despite the campaign name, you get your pick of reflective form factors. Backpack, messenger or briefcase.

Shine on.

The Specifics

Rickshaw Bagworks

904 22nd St.

Between Minnesota & Indiana

Check it out

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