Put Some Pants On, Man

Pants that’ll last about 25 years

By The Editors
March 12, 2015 9:00 am

A man’s pants should last forever.

If only because that man never wants to go shopping again.

Happily, we found a pair of well-made khakis that’ll go the distance: the Quarter-Century Pant, currently out-kicking its Kickstarter goal and shipping soon.

Sure, the quarter-century thing is a marketing ploy.

Wouldn’t count for much if these weren’t some good-looking, hard-wearing pants.

Flat-front cotton twill. Your choice of a hiking man’s straight leg or latte-sipping slim fit.

Eight colorways, including khaki and stone, our picks. Rivets and buttons made of military-grade copper. Double-tacking on stress points, a double-reinforced crotch, tucked belt loops and triple-ply fabric.

Designed in S.F., they’re made for our all-casual, all-the-time office-style — and the pockets have been sized to accommodate your smartphone of choice. 

Our plan: buy a half-dozen and skip thinking about casual pants for the next 25 years.

Figure one weekend afternoon a month dedicated to the task, and we’ve saved almost 40 days of dressing rooms, parking lots and lines at the cash register.

Money well spent, and time well saved.

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