Leather Bound
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Leather Bound

A traveling roadshow of leather bags

  • 14 May 2014

Virginia. It’s for lovers.

In this case, lovers of supple leather goods.

Spreading that love: the Moore & Giles Airstream, loaded to the vents with Virginia's finest leather bags and accessories and landing this Thursday in the FiDi for your browsing pleasure.

The idea runs thus: take a '73 Airstream, gut it, convert it into a shrine to all things tanned cowhide and tour the country.

And serve whiskey sours.

It'll be posted outside Wingtip — you know: menswear, sundries, private club — from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. as part of its whistlestop tour.

There will be a trunk sale of bags.

We've got eyes on the Crews for the day-to-day:

And the Ragland for the Friday-to-Monday:

Fear not if you can't make tomorrow's stop. The Airstream will be at the Mission's NWBLK on the 29th before it vanishes into the annals of history.

Virginia is for lovers of history, too, after all.

The Specifics

The Moore & Giles Airstream

At Wingtip

550 Montgomery St

(415) 765-0993

Thursday, May 15

9 AM - 3 PM

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