Love the Outdoors? You Need This Pack

A clever new camera bag, from Boreas

By The Editors
February 23, 2015 9:00 am

Your correspondent once spent two weeks driving across Russia in a 1990 Nissan Micra, with one friend, three passports, 100 iodine tablets, a Cyrillic-language atlas and enough Cipro to survive the apocalypse.

Oh, and a $900 camera wrapped in a hotel bath towel then stowed in the glove compartment along with a loose pack of Snickers.

Moral of the story: sometimes adventurous people need to take better care of their AV equipment.

Enter, Boreas and its modular Aperture pack, now available for preorder.

Boreas is one of our favorite homegrown gear brands, and its Bootlegger packs are required for weekends in Point Reyes.

The Aperture is a 35-liter day bag with inserts for your camera bodies, lenses, cables, film and other gear, along with tie-downs for a tripod.

Everything stays nicely organized. And it’s waterproof, too.

Bootlegger bags are modular — which means that the Aperture uses the same frame as the other bags in the series, like the waterproof Scrimshaw or the ultralight Topaz. Swap ’em out as conditions dictate.

No dilly-dallying on this one: it’s 48 hours and counting on the Kickstarter deadline.

Make your camera happy.

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