Saddle Up

By The Editors
May 28, 2014 9:00 am

The Pony Express is dead, but the lessons of the frontier saddlers endure.

Chiefly: tough g’damn leather saves your hide everytime.

Case and point: the bags of SF’s Kendal & Hyde, taking orders now.

Full grain, heavy gauge harness leather married skillfully with genuine horse-tack hardware — it’s the stuff of which family heirlooms are made.

Or, like, makes you look dope in a bar.

As good as they look now, they’ll look better every day thanks to their sun-sensitive vegetable tanning (but feel free to oil yours if you’d like to skip straight to well-worn).

Lined? Absolutely not. The finished leather interior speaks to the quality of the materials. No sense hiding that.

Available in several styles, we like the Three-Pocket Brief for its carry-on friendly compartmentalization:

And the Classic Satchel for its day-to-day utility and old school panache.

Also worth a look: K&H’s Notebook Wallet, because pen and paper can still outflank OneNote any time.

Giddy up.

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