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Tarry On

Ghurka opens in Union Square. And it’s beautiful.

  • 09 January 2014

Because no one is going to call it a “man purse” if it looks this good, we present for your consideration Ghurka’s brand new shop of handsome bags in Union Square, open now.

The Nepalese bag boffins at Ghurka are serving up splendid and timeless satchels that’ll be the envy of your fellow traveler.

Our recommendations:

The Weekender

The Express No. 2 is the quintessential Ghurka bag, unchanged in structure since 1975 and built to hand down — and hold an umbrella.

The Duffel

The Cavalier II is to gym bags what James Earl Jones is to voices.

The Roller

The overhead friendly Pontoon: ease up on your back without sacrificing panache.

Of course, Ghurka's also rife with spruce offerings of all shapes and sizes — wallets, daily commuters and rifle bags included.

Pack smart. Look smart. Because if it keeps snowing in the rest of the country, waits await.

The Specifics


245 Post Street
between Stockton and Grant
(415) 986-2250

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