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Get Yer Custom Switchblade Here

Handy tools that double as works of art

  • 24 March 2015

Knives. Most men love them.

They’re simple. Purposeful.

They beg to be used, and skillfully.

And we hold it as axiomatic that any man in possession of a knife is somehow cooler, even if that man is Steven Seagal.

That’s why, when it comes to knives, we’re compelled to recommend the handiwork of Nick Potash, a talented local artist who makes custom knives (and assorted manly gewgaws).

You might have seen Nick’s work at Fiat Lux on Church Street — it’s the city’s best jewelry shop, conveniently located next to the city’s best pie shop.

Potash, a sculptor, jeweler and motorcycle rider, isn’t your run-of-the-mill knifemaker.

His knives are works of art.

Incredibly stylish and hand-engraved with dragons, clasped hands and the occasional naked lady.

If you’re not in the market for a knife, take a look at his Zippo lighters (this one is a tribute to the trench art of the two World Wars and Vietnam), “sacred serpent” key fobs and motorcycle parts.

Get in touch to put in a commission for your own switchblade.

This summer’s tree branches won’t whittle themselves. 

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