Carry This On, Wayward Son

A battle-ready travel bag from Mission Workshop

By The Editors

Mission Workshop's New Series Will Overhaul Your Commute
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01 March 2016

Snowstorms in Chicago, sleet in the East.

Crew time-outs, mechanical delays, late-arriving aircraft ...

And to the delight of headline writers worldwide, loose cobras.

There is no end to the list of things that can go wrong while traveling by air. But if there’s one thing in your control, it’s having the perfect bag to stay you through the worst of it.

Mission Workshop’s new Transit Series 31L is it.

The S.F. brand has expanded its core product — their messenger bags — with two new pieces: a 19L workbag and the 31L weekender. Our sights are set on the latter.

Pockets galore: four outside, four within (for when you need to stash your boarding pass somewhere handy, and your passport somewhere safe). A separate interior, padded laptop sleeve.

Looks good. Fastens to your bike’s handlebars with caveman-can-do-it ease. And a final necessity: fits into the overhead compartment.

Because too many hearts have been broken at baggage claim.

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