This Ingenious Two-Person Desk Will Make You Want to Work

Uhuru launches a delightfully modular home workstation

April 17, 2018 9:00 am

If there’s one thing you should never be asked to share, it’s your workspace.

But for work-from-home creatives, bootstrapped startups and husband-and-wife entrepreneurs in New York City, space is often the hardest resource to come by.

Your savior? Brooklyn-based makers Uhuru, whose new the new Minim Rise Sit|Stand desk packs an entire office for two into one minimal, easily reconfigurable whole.

Uluru (3 images)

Located in a warehouse in Red Hook, Uhuru is a success story we’ve been following since day one. Founded in 2004, the design studio overcame serious damage from Hurricane Sandy to become one of the city’s strongest furniture manufacturers, with pieces featured in both the Smithsonian and Brooklyn Museum’s permanent collections.

Their pieces are timeless in form and innovative in function.

The Minim Rise is no exception. A dual workstation, the desk incorporates a sit/stand electric lift system seamlessly concealed below the steel surface. And in keeping with the times, it is also integrated with heaps of power plugs, USB portals and HDMI, all tucked away under a high-design flip top.

The Minim Rise comes in five tabletop options, three steel base finishes and three color choices for the divider.

It won’t do your work for you, but it’ll settle that standing-v.-sitting debate once and for all.

And do check out their whole collection while you’re there.

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