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This perfectly fitted dress shirt comes to you

  • 14 September 2015

One size doesn’t fit all.

Hell, four sizes don’t even fit all.

Alternative: go bespoke at the expense of money and time.  

Better alternative: Stantt, a new Manhattan-based shirting outfit that uses a patent-pending technology called Datafit to create quality tailored shirts at a price tag that won’t burn a wallet-shaped hole in your pocket.

Founders Matt Hornbuckle and Kirk Reel used 3D body-scan data from more than 1,000 men to create their custom sizing tool. It takes three variables into account: chest size, waist size and sleeve length. The result is an uber-convenient collection of 17 shirt styles in 75 sizes — each and every one of ‘em named after a street in NYC.

So whether you’re an Essex, Broadway or Carmine, say goodbye to billowy fits, sleeve-rolling, boxy shoulders and — best of all — dressing rooms.

How it works:

  • Take three simple measurements at home. (Don’t have a tape measure? They’ll send you one.)

  • Choose from an array of fabrics and colors, with casual and formal styles available

  • Wait 7-10 days for your gear to arrive

At a flat $98 a pop for 100% Egyptian cotton, it’s a risk worth taking — ‘cept without the risk. In addition to free shipping, Stantt offers free returns and exchanges, no third-degree interrogation necessary.

Get the full scoop here or visit their Manhattan pop-up through October.  

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The Specifics


Chelsea Market (15th and 10th Ave)

New York, NY

Through October

Check it out

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