Earn Your Stripes

By The Editors
May 17, 2013 9:00 am

Gentlemen, picking out swim trunks comes down to two things:

1) Did you work out this winter?

And 2) Well that was shortsighted, wasn’t it?

So let’s help everyone keep their focus firmly on your trunks: introducing Solid & Striped, a new line of stately swimmin’ shorts that’ll carry you through the summer months.

Their story goes thusly: S&S was born on a trip to the Hamptons, where the owner compared his own “loud, tacky” suit to the simple, classic one worn by a friend’s dad.

Unable to find a similar pair, he enlisted the help of a designer friend from Band of Outsiders and – voila! – a line of understated, elegant trunks was born.

These are the suits Newman and Redford would have worn while filming Butch and Sundance in Mexico – elastic waistbands for comfort, cut perfectly above the knee and available in a variety of artfully washed hues in both solids and, er, stripes.

And they’re versatile: S&S trunks play from the pool to the tennis court to the lunch table paired with a linen shirt.

Suits can be ordered on S&S’s online shop, which – incidentally – features a fair share of bikini-clad beauties.

God bless swimsuit season.

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