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In Brief

It's hot, so hang around in these. And nothing else.

  • 19 June 2013

Lounging in skivvies can inspire you — just look at George Plimpton, who edited the Paris Review in boxers, or Anthony Weiner, who’s really creative with Twitter.

Join those artistes, and clad yourself in showy night sundries from Sleepy Jones.

Sleepy’s from the dapper gents behind Jack Spade and inspired by the relaxed attire of bygone creative types, e.g., Picasso, who “churned out masterpieces in little more than shorts and a robe.”

Their wares:  boxer shorts in jaunty stripes or florals, “university” tees winking at experimental schools of art and luxe cotton pajama sets the likes of which would make Dalí twirl his moustache in envy.

In short: underwear that requires nothing over it.

SJ even does collaborative “Artist Editions,” the first of which bear the work of iconic NYC doodler Wes Lang.

And let us not forget SJ’s playfully provocative offerings for the ladies, which you might want to throw into your cart as well.

She likes skivvies, too.

The Specifics

Sleepy Jones

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