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For Memorial Day, just about the best condiments ever

  • 24 May 2013

Gentlemen, we cannot in good conscience allow you to head into Memorial Day weekend with shoddy, mass-produced condiments.

Your burger deserves better.

And better it shall have, as artisanal ketchup barons Sir Kensington’s introduce top-notch mayo to their line of “superlative sauces.”

If you’re unfamiliar, Sir K’s has been steadily upending the ketchup game.

Their classic and spiced concoctions are made with whole, vine-ripened tomatoes, apple cider vinegar and premium natural spices.

And their brand new classic and chipotle mayos are similarly pedigreed, made with cage-free eggs and zesty goodness like garlic, paprika and black pepper.

But Sir K’s spoonables are good for a helluva lot more than bun slathering – they’ve also forked over two recipes to help take this weekend’s grubbing up a notch.

For the eats, the “Kale, Caesar!”: a crunchy, creamy salad perfect alongside a dripping burger.

And to drink, the “Bloody Kensington”: a spiced ketchup, tequila and sriracha-tinged take on the traditional bloody featuring a mezcal floater for the bold.

Please proceed toward Memorial Day with a clear conscience.

Nota bene: for a chance to win a handsome crate stocked with Sir Kensington’s goodies, head over to our Facebook page.

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