Ace of Place

July 9, 2014 9:00 am

Let us raise a glass to the dinner party.

Spirited conversation. Good food. Good drink. General carousing.

And who can forget the host?

Well, these guys did:

Place Invaders, a supper club that rents a private home and then throws a dinner party there — all without the homeowner’s knowledge.

They cook. You dine. And then, much like Keyser Söze, poof … they’re gone.

They’re now accepting applications for their August dinners and brunches. Get in there.

You sign up online and P.I. handpicks around 12 guests for each affair (tickets are sold in pairs).

Since the owners of the aforementioned abodes remain in the dark, guests are asked not to discuss the events with friends, post about them on social media or talk to the neighbors. Addresses are often Snapchatted to avoid a paper trail.

It’s just like Fight Club.

Except instead of ass-whippings, you get peach ricotta toast and avocado popsicles.


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