Status Bow

We’re tying one on. So should you.

By The Editors
August 24, 2015 9:00 am

Maybe you’re not a bow tie guy.

Fair enough.

But humor us for a moment.

The bow tie, properly executed, is equal parts refined and badass. Noticeable, but understated. Scientifically proven to elicit more “Hey, nice tie” callouts than your average full Windsor.

To that end, we’re tapping into our inner Bond in homage of National Bow Tie Day on August 28th. 

That’s Friday. You have exactly four days to procure one. Here are five of NYC’s best.

1. Thomas Mason: Storied English textile Svengali that cuts ties inspired by collections from the historical archives to this day. A benchmark for lovers of the British taste. 

2. Alexander Olch: Meticulously organized, clean and customizable. This is our go-to. 

3. Billy Reid: CFDA’s 2012 Menswear Designer of the Year. You know them. We love them.

4. Fine and Dandy: Crediting their grandfather for their impeccable style, F&D’s founders stand by the following credo: “There are no rules. Mix and match. Wear what you love. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to show a little flair.”

5. Seigo Neckware NY: Their bow ties are blas-cut to give just enough stretch to the fabric. Woven in small mills in Kyoto, hand-blocked and silk-screened in To-ka Machi in Niigata: both cities historically known as major houses for quality mensgarb.

And five fun factoids to make you the resident bow tie historian when the day comes:

  • The number of Google searches for a bow tie outnumbers the searches for a necktie, 31.4 million to 12.3 million.

  • The bow tie’s first use? Most peg it to the Prussian Wars, when Croatian mercenaries used them to tie their shirt collars closed.

  • Retired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wears bow ties exclusively, as he cannot tie four-in-hand knots.

  • In 2007, Iran banned wearing them (in addition to traditional ties) in the province of Gilan.

  • Perfect alignment is not expected — nor preferred. It should look somewhat imperfect or off-kilter … Like the man who wears it.

And here’s how to tie one.

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