Get to the Choppa!

Your airport commute, shortened. Drastically.

By The Editors
February 9, 2015 9:00 am

Things you can accomplish in six minutes:

  • Shave

  • Fix a drink

  • Listen to approximately two thirds of “Stairway to Heaven”

New to the list: get to the airport.

At least if you’re using Gotham Air, the new heli service ferrying travelers from Manhattan to JFK and Newark for roughly the cost of a black car, launching today.

This one’s pretty simple: download the app, book a seat on an existing flight or start a flight of your own (as soon as four seats are booked, the flight is confirmed) and get thee to one of three designated Manhattan helipads.

Then fire up “Stairway” on your headphones, and by the time you hit Page’s solo you’ll be touching down and strolling to your gate.

Oh, and your first flight’s just 99 bucks.

Subsequent flights bump up to around $200, still well worth it for those times when sitting in tunnel or parkway traffic just ain’t in the cards (see: always).

If your flight’s grounded due to weather, you’ll be riding to the airport in a private Tesla — which does take the sting out of the aforementioned traffic.

Not to mention you’ll catch the end of “Stairway.”


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