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My As to your Qs about all matters sartorial

By The Editors
March 24, 2015 9:00 am

Because every man must dress himself, and sometimes even leave the house wearing pants, we present “Ask Danny Agnew” — a series that answers your questions regarding all matters vestiary, and recurs whenever he gets around to it. Have a query? Email it to

This rain sucks. Rain gear also sucks. Any way I can stay dry without sacrificing style?

– Anthony, NYC

Absolutely. First, the umbrella. As a New Yorker, I’ve inside-outed my share of $5 brollies. Seeing this, a friend (to whom I will be forever indebted) gifted me a Blunt Metro1, and I’m now a staunch devotee. Lightweight, sturdy in the face of even the most forceful gusts, and stylish to boot. But the kicker: it links with the app Tile so you can’t lose it. Genius.

Step two: the coat. What you’re looking for is lightweight, waterproof and slim fit. Not to sound the shameless shill, but the unlined trench your InsideHook pals designed with Chicago clotheshorses Stock Mfg Co. has just been re-released2 and boasts a couple nice pops of color to turn heads. On the more outdoorsy tip, we recently recommended the waxed cotton numbers from Oakland’s Ketums3 — great fit, understated style and a hood to keep yer hair did.

I’m suffering from a pretty intense case of Costanza wallet. Help.

– Jonathan, Austin, TX

Jonathan, I feel your pain. When one sits lopsided, one looks as if he’s always poised to break wind. To avoid this, you must edit yourself. I’ve personally pared my wallet down to one credit card, one debit card, an ID, three business cards and a metro card. And a little cash, of course. All fit neatly into my alligator Capsule wallet4, which has a low profile, handy money clip on the back, and never fails to get compliments when I buy a round. Which I should do more often anyway.

Oh, and if you’re like me and expense receipts are a big part of your life, can’t recommend the app Expensify5 enough. Just snap a pic and toss the paper in the trash.

I’m approaching 50. I’d like to wear sneakers outside the office, but not sure what’s age appropriate these days?

– Gary, Boston, MA

First off, Gary, don’t forget that age is a state of mind and you’re only as old as you feel, yadda yadda yadda.

That being said, I believe that as we get older there’s something to be said for toning it down a notch and getting back to the classics — nothing worse than seeing a fellow desperately trying to hold onto his youth via dayglow Jordans. But a clean canvas Chuck Taylor6 or leather high-top from Greats7? All day. J.Crew does some great vintage collabs with New Balance, but I’d stick to the more solid colors8 for versatility.

If you still want to let your freak flag fly, try to add a touch of sophistication. I’ve been wearing a pair of all-black alligator high-tops9 from Axel Arigato and have found that they’re just off-center enough to get noticed without treading into overly flashy. Then again, my definition of “overly flashy” is different than some — so you know, grain of salt and all that.

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