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A pop-up of heritage-inspired goods from the world community

  • 19 October 2012

Do-gooders always say “give till it hurts,” but why get all masochistic when you can give till you look damn sexy?

That’s the idea at the first-ever NY pop-up from Apolis, a boutique of ruggedly handsome goods that’s:

  • a) tucked inside a canvas safari tent in Steven Alan’s Chelsea shop

First, you should know it’s pronounced “ah-polis,” as in “Ah, Socrates, a polis.” Because when you’re carrying, say, their leather and duck canvas courier bag, you’re going to hear, “Damn, where did you get that?”

Which brings us to the safari tent: enter inside and you’ll find Apolis’ heritage-inspired gear. Think hand-loomed scarves from Indian artisans. Alpaca blankets that fund a Peruvian textile mill. Messenger bags crafted from canvas woven and dyed in Uganda.

The pop-up also stocks a range of rugged workwear apparel, including indigo wool “chore” jackets, raw selvage denim, merino-and-cashmere sweaters, and what may just be the perfect white t-shirt. Also: accessories, from chambray ties to leather “hoofpick” belts to zippered wool iPad cases.

Try not to think of the bill your credit card will be giving you.

The Specifics

Apolis: Nomad Market

At Steven Alan Chelsea
140 10th Avenue
b/t 18th & 19th
(646) 664-0606

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