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A better way to buy premium menswear, via Zady

  • 15 October 2013

“Clothes make the man,” once opined Mark Twain. “Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

First: Burn, Miley Cyrus.

Second, yes, your clothes can make a difference. Aesthetically and more.

So influence society with your wallet. Make Gran-Pop proud, with Zady, taking orders now.

Just launched, Zady — Yiddish for “grandfather,” Arabic for “prosperous” — has a unique mission: timeless style that knows its roots.

ZadyTo that end, each piece sold on Zady, from gingham shirts to leather iPad cases to denim to coats, comes replete with a full company backstory and special call-outs to the product’s unique construction.

As in, maybe the product is handmade. Or constructed from high-quality, locally sourced materials. Or utilizes sustainable manufacturing methods.

Preferably, all of the above.

Which would be all for naught if the clothes weren’t up to snuff. But they are: Wool fisherman sweaters sourced from Scottish Shetland wool. Hand-sewn jeans constructed from premium Japanese denim. A modern, slim take on the classic peacoat.

Plus, assorted T-shirts, leather belts and button-downs. Even an indestructible fountain pen.

And, coming soon: pet supplies.

Because your naked dog isn’t helping anyone.

* Nota bene: At checkout, enter 'ZADYHOOK' and receive 15% off Zady merchandise.

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