Most Micro Homes Don't Have 100" TVs. But This One Does.

Plus: a bevy of other ingenious space-saving solutions

By Athena Wisotsky

Most Micro Homes Don't Have 100" TVs. But This One Does.
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27 July 2016

Could you live in a 210-square-foot room with everything you own and still live to blog about it?

Being New Yorkers, we have found that yes, it’s possible ... but it’s not always fun.

There are a host of problems associated with inhabiting small spaces, from not being able to host a party of more than three people to your knees touching the door when you’re on the john. Those are just the realities of living in a small space.

Or are they?

Tiny House developers Minim Homes have figured out how to address at least some of these inconveniences. A (relatively) spacious living room fits an eight-foot couch/guest bed and the room is filled with windows that light the whole house.

Then there’s our favorite part: the 100” projector screen that pulls down to create a home-theater feel and can double as a shade when not in use. Nothing micro about that.

Elsewhere: the bed isn’t lofted, so you can actually sit up without hitting your head, and it rolls under a platform to save space during the day. There’s also a five-foot closet, so you don’t need to pare down to three outfits and one pair of shoes.

That said, the bathroom is somewhat — shall we say — European. That is to say, it’s common in many Euro cities to see bathrooms where you shower next to the sink and/or toilet, and squeegee down the walls and floor into a central drain. It’s called a “wet bath arrangement” and it seems weird to Americans, but it’s not that bad, and actually makes cleaning super easy (source: lived abroad in multiple dwellings with such setups).

Will a tiny house ever completely eradicate the claustrophobic feeling of being a bull in a china shop? Debatable. But Minim comes damn close (and we’ve seen a lot).

You can buy the plans for the Minim House for under $500, or commission the company to build one for you.

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