This Invincible Cooler Will Keep Your Beer Cold When the Apocalypse Comes

The icebox 40 years of military contracts built

By Kirk Miller

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29 August 2016

A company that spent four-plus decades building protective cases for the military and emergency services now wants to ... keep your beer cold?

New from Pelican, the Elite Cooler is an insulated polypropylene icebox for your brews and other tailgating necessities that can pretty much survive dropping off a cliff.

Ranging from 20 to 250 quarts, the Elite Coolers feature a stainless steel bottle opener, two-inch insulation, four cup holders and a freezer-grade 360-degree seal that allows ice retention for multiple days. And press-and-pull latches that’ll lock in your tailgating goodies nice and tight.

Now, rugged isn’t light: the 30 quart Cooler, for example, weighs almost 22 pounds (we suggest the 55 QT, which comes with wheels).

But Pelican does offer a lifetime guarantee.

And really, you can’t be too careful at a tailgate.

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