The Case for Never Spending More Than $50 on Swim Trunks

And the 8 good-looking, under-a-Grant suits that prove it

By Tanner Garrity

The Case for Never Spending More Than $50 on Swim Trunks
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18 May 2018

This is but one installment of 37 Things a Man's Gotta Do This Summer, our annual compendium of everything worth seeing, doing, eating, drinking and generally making time for in your neck of the woods between now and September. Stay tuned all month for more.

Have you ever met Mr. Owns-One-Bathing-Suit-Guy?

He strolls out on the beach that first day of vacation lookin’ smug and strapping in his beloved turquoise trunks. Compliments abound.

But later that afternoon, he hangs the pair up in the shower to dry so he can wear it the next morning ... and the routine then repeats itself, with the same exact look every single day. The suit fades slowly into miserable anonymity, and the shoulda-been-lovely rain shower becomes a cave of procedure.

Your best defense against this sad fate? Making sure you pack a reliable stable of swimwear options. Which is very doable, considering they don’t need to cost a fortune. In fact, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find eight excellent selections under $50, in a variety of styles, for easy stockpiling on your end.

Swim in ‘em, board in ‘em, read a book while the waves crash against the surf in ‘em … Just put on a new pair the next morning.

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa:
Finisterre Talland Beach Short, $44

The '70s Surf Nostalgia:
Faherty Surf Boardshort, $45

The Understated Elder Statesman:
Modern Amusement Oliver Swim Trunks, $35

The “I Actually Ordered the Salmon?”:
RVCA Horton Trunks, $50

The Layup-Line Warm-Ups:
Saturdays NYC Trent Block Swim Trunk, $46

The Gone Fishin’:
Patagonia Baggies Hexy Fish, $49

The Local Longboarder:
Vans Checkerboard Swim Trunks, $37

The Ornithologist:
Banks Journal Macaw Boardshort, $50

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