The Secret to Better Time Management Is This Handy Infographic

Here are the optimal times to do everything you do every day

By Michael Nolledo

The Secret to Better Time Management Is This Handy Infographic
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13 July 2016

Chances are you already have your day-to-day routine down pat.

And who are we  to tell you — a perfectly autonomous and capable adult human being — to change that routine, which you have likely honed through years of personal experience, preference, whimsy, biological rhythms, etc.?

Fair enough.

... But before you move along, know this: there's a better, more efficient way of doing things.

A new infographic from Business Insider breaks down the best time of the day to do everything, from interviewing for a job to the “biological prime time” for doing your best work. The info was culled from a few productivity sources around the web, and offers up some tips any mindful fella can incorporate into his routine as soon as the sun rises tomorrow morning.

Speaking of which: The best time to exercise? First thing in the morning, before breakfast, which sets your body up for an all-day fat burn.

Your best creative work? After work, around 6 p.m., when there’s less distraction exhausting your inhibition.

Biggest takeaway? Midafternoon naps are the way to go, and should be taken between 2 and 3 p.m. Throw it in your calendar.

Check out the full infographic below for more tips on putting together a more efficient daily schedule.

via Business Insider

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