It's My Grill in a Box!

The Barbecue Toolbox is here to kickstart your summer

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The Barbecue Toolbox Is Here to Kickstart Your Summer
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29 March 2016

If the Family Feud prompt were “Name something a man keeps in his garage,” the top two answers on the board would surely be “toolbox” and “grill.”

Which is exactly why combining those two things into one thing is a really good way to make men everywhere eagerly reach for their wallets.

The fire-red Barbecue Toolbox from SUCK UK is an easily transportable metal kit that folds open to expose an 8x15” stainless steel grill with a removable charcoal tray, a warming rack and a storage area to hold cooking tools and spices.

The $120 toolbox — which has also has an adjustable vent to control the flow of oxygen over hot coals — contains everything you need to grill on the go (except the food; don’t forget it).

Our friends from across the pond also offer a warning about the BBQ kit: “Just be sure to pick up the right metal box from the garage, you'll look like a right numpty trying to set fire to a box of spanners.”

Definitely don’t want to look like a numpty after a spanner-related mix-up.

So grab the the right box, open it up and get to grilling.

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