Believe It or Not, This Heap of Metal Is a Very Nice Spa

Guess coal is still creating jobs after all

By Evan Bleier

Believe It or Not, This Heap of Metal Is a Very Nice Spa
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07 August 2017

Between floating college dorms and rustic camping cabins, Denmark is already a place that innovative and unconventional pieces of architecture call home.

Call us crazy, but we think this one is going to fit right in.

Perched on the edge of Copenhagen's Nordhavn harbor, The Krane is a one-bedroom retreat (complete with a sauna, spa and lounge) that’s been crafted in the sky from the body of a 1944 industrial coal crane.

Built by Danish architectural firm Arcgency, the interior of the multilevel structure is finished in shades of black as a nod to the color of the substance it previously transported, though most guests will probably be more focused on the exterior views.

The Krane (3 images)

"Natural light directly affects how we feel in a space and our happiness overall,"  lead architect Mads Møller told Dezeen. "So we optimized the inside to capture natural daylight and set the stage for the views of the water outside."

Add in some custom furniture made from leather, wood, stone and steel, and it’s clear there are many reasons you may never want to leave, though the complimentary BMW i3 electric car makes it inviting enough to leave, as well.  

That said, considering accommodations start around $2,900 per night, it might be in your best interests to hit that spa for as long as possible. 

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