Eco-Friendly Pod Home Has Internet, Will Travel

The first wave of 50 EcoCapsules is now available for preorder

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Eco-Friendly Pod Home Has Internet, Will Travel
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21 January 2016

Every man has at some point fantasized about packing up and doing a stint off grid.

But then you start thinking logistics, and realize your farming skills aren’t up to snuff, you really enjoy being able to charge your tablet, and that sh*t that went down in The Revenant was frankly kinda frightening.

As it turns out, though, there’s a way you can live with Mother Nature and still get your creature comforts.
Slovakia-based Nice Architects are now accepting preorders for their solar-and-wind-powered EcoCapsules, two-person pods that offer about 120-square-feet of sustainable living space.

The first wave of EcoCapsules, which are being released in a limited run of 50 and cost around $87k, are made from high-capacity, insulated fiberglass overlaid on an aluminum framework. They come complete with a folding bed, separate dining and kitchenette areas, storage space and, most importantly, an ensuite bathroom that uses collected rainwater that runs through a reverse osmosis filter.

With heated floors, optional air conditioning and a network-connected smart home system that can be controlled via a tablet app, the EcoCapsule might be more tech savvy than whatever you’re living in now.

And it will certainly be more mobile: each EcoCapsule has four extendable wheels, two roof hooks so it can be lifted using a crane, forklift or helicopter, and a preinstalled trailer attachment.

The units will be delivered before the end of Q1 2017 and shipping is available within the European Union as well as to the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Get one now and be the first guy on your block — or anyone’s for that matter — to do a podcast about living in a pod.

It could be bigger than Walden.

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