This Cedar-Clad Tiny Home Is Basically the World’s Smallest Farmhouse

Less square footage, more innovation

November 20, 2018 9:00 am

Remember the “Cornelia”? It was a tiny home built by prefab home pioneers New Frontier, which we dubbed the perfect place to write the next Great American Novel. And now we now know where you’ll be drumming up ideas as you prepare for the sequel. 

Introducing New Frontier’s latest smaller-living brainchild, The Orchid

orchid (7 images)

New Frontier clearly has the aesthetic down for a well-appointed tiny home, and accordingly, they could’ve just built another model that poses pretty for pics. But The Orchid accomplishes that while offeruing up some fresh design concepts, to boot. And you don’t have to look very far. The handsome raised-cedar boards along the exterior walls and roof share more DNA with a 19th-century farmhouse than a mobile home. 

Inside, expect skylit windows, a raised kitchenette and “solar eclipse lighting” — a series of LED strips hidden behind trim throughout the whole house. Basically: strong, bright light that won’t overwhelm your corneas. Of course, the rest of the home gets the job done too. You’ve got a lofted king-sized bed, sofa-bed, full-sized shower and ample closet space. 

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All images from New Frontier Homes

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