Pop Goes the Hidden Second Floor of This Tiny Home, Apparently

Tiny Houses NYC raises the roof up to a lofty 17 feet

October 26, 2018 9:00 am

Tiny homes, it would seem, don’t care about running up the score. It wasn’t enough for them to tout terraces and sunrooms … now they’ve got second floors.

In what is surely the final twist of the knife for a cupboard-sized apartment near you, Tiny Houses NYC just debuted a tiny home that expands up and out to include a roomy attic. 

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Named the Devasa, the mobile dwelling’s ceiling stretches from 12.5 feet tall when “down” to a lofty 17 fully activated, offering a lofted bedroom that might not be palatial, but can easily sleep a couple stowaways.

So. How does it work? Four motorized screw jacks located in each corner of the house push the ceiling up with an assist from a car battery-juiced trailer tongue. It’s a bit of a process, and not one you’ll want to negotiate every morning, but this could be an ideal setup for nomadic habitors. 

The first floor’s none too shabby either: kitchen, living room, bathroom — nothing as exciting as the attic, but it’ll get the job done just fine. 

For more information on the Devasa, head here

Images via Devasa

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