What’s Better Than Winning a Tiny Home? Winning a Custom Tiny Home.

Here's your chance to score a micro-abode worth $130,000 from Oregon's premier tiny home builder

November 2, 2022 3:31 pm
The inside and outside of a tiny home designed by Oregon builders Tru Form Tiny. Omaze is giving away a custom build from the company.
Now's your chance to have Tru Form Tiny build your dream (tiny) home.

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In partnership with Omaze

There are thousands of videos on YouTube about how to build a tiny home. How to prep the build site or put it on wheels. How to hook up electricity and gas or even eco-friendly solar panels. How to choose the right layout, from a shoebox cabin to an avant-garde retreat. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort (that’s a big if!), and consider yourself handy enough with a wide variety of tools, you could conceivably erect one of these quaint little micro-abodes yourself for less money than paying the professionals to do it for you.

In truth, that sounds like a bit of a nightmare, doesn’t it? But the end result is tantalizing enough to consider putting up with insufferable YouTubers and the inevitable construction mishaps that’ll make you feel like a knockoff Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. 

What if we told you there was a better way? A way to bypass both the build process and the prospect of writing a sizable check? Here it is: Through November 11, Omaze is offering you the chance to win a tiny home valued at $130,000 from Oregon’s Tru Form Tiny, one of the country’s premier tiny home builders. Plus, when you enter using the code INSIDEHOOK50, you can score 50 bonus entries on top of however many you choose.

A composite image showing different tiny home designs from the company Tru Form Tiny
With Tru Form Tiny, you can draw inspiration from the various builds they’ve done over the years.

The giveaway, which closes in less than a week and a half, is not simply providing a stock dwelling as its prize, either. What makes this sweepstakes particularly enticing is that the winner gets to work with Tru Form Tiny to design a micro-living space to fit their particular needs.

OK, “needs” may be the wrong word. Maybe “fantasies” is more apt. Go ahead and take a minute to imagine the possibilities that come with a custom-designed, towable tiny home. We’re spitballing here, but picture a backyard office filled with supple leather furniture, an expertly curated bookshelf that’ll act as a background for your Zoom meetings and a refrigerator full of cans of La Colombe coffee. Or maybe a rustic lodge you can plop on a piece of lakeside property with a lofted bed done up in toasty flannel sheets, and a living room featuring a mounted projector and pull-down screen for movie nights. An off-grid wonderland also sounds appealing to us, but maybe composting toilets aren’t the stuff of your dreams. (Who wants to back us up here?)

The possibilities are truly endless. If, however, you’re someone who’s overwhelmed or annoyed rather than excited by the prospect of making choices like exterior finishing and kitchen layouts, Tru Form Tiny would also be happy to take the reins. You can head to their website to check out previous builds and the general floor plans they work with. Yes, they miraculously can fit a staircase in these.

Three images of a tiny home built by Tru Form Tiny. Omaze is giving away a custom build from the Oregon company.
Do you want a rustic feel? A modern aesthetic? Something in between?

Oh, and we should mention that this Omaze giveaway isn’t only a way to benefit one lucky winner. As with all of the company’s prizes, this sweepstakes is raising money to support a great cause. When you donate and enter for the chance to win this custom tiny home, you’re also supporting the National Park Foundation. And there’s a good chance you were already thinking the ideal place to plop down your potential tiny home is near a national park (Zion, perhaps? Or maybe New River Gorge?). This is a symbiotic sweepstakes if ever we saw one.

There is also one other potential here for the winner: using the tiny home as your main place of residence. After all, that’s what kicked off this pint-sized living trend in the first place, right? Downsizing, living intentionally, making do with less in order to tap into a more thoughtful existence? If we hadn’t stayed in so many mind-blowing mini cabins and Lilliputian Airbnbs in our time, we might not believe that hype. But we have, and we do. Or you could also simply use this build as your own rental and rack up the extra income. All options are on the table!

But you’re running out of time to put yourself in the running for the chance to win this custom build from Tru Form Tiny. The bad news is that you only have until November 11 to enter. The good news is that we partnered with Omaze to give you 50 bonus entries when you do take the plunge and put your name in the hat. Just use code INSIDEHOOK50 for the added edge. (Though there’s no payment or donation necessary to enter or win.) 

And if you do win, maybe give us a ring and invite us for a (tiny) home tour? 

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