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Confide: 100% encrypted app messaging

  • 24 January 2014

There are things that are better left unsaid.

There are also things that are better left unwritten. And unsaved on computers. And (hopefully) inadmissible in court.

For all of that: Confide, a free app for off-the-record conversations, available now.

ConfideThis is what you’ll use when you need something to remain off the record — the size of an offer, let’s say. Or negotiation strategies. Or market movements.

Or when you need to keep a relationship on the down-low, if that’s your style.

To begin, download the iOS app for free. Sign up for an account with your email. Then send a message. (Your contact will be notified, and they must download the app to read your missive).

You can see a message when you “wand” over it with your finger, exposing only a few characters at a time.

Everything’s encrypted. Screenshot-proof, too (with built-in alerts if an attempt is even made). And all messages disappear into the digital ether after they’ve been read — no archiving allowed.

Not even on the Confide servers.

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Free for iOS

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