7 Hoodies That You’ll Never Be “Too Old” to Wear

Time to ditch the blazer.

By The Editors

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28 March 2016

Because every man loves options, and some of us need those options laid out in front of us with a variety of styles and price points, we give you The Range: a meditation on one garment every man should own, served up seven ways.

We’re not here to get into the politics of the hoodie.

It’s an important argument, yes.

But let’s examine the hoodie throughout history. It’s a more complicated product. Initially a concept of (no joke) Medieval Europe, the actual hooded sweatshirt took off in the U.S. in the 1930s, thanks to the sports brand Champion, which initially targeted workers in frigid temperatures and football players needing a warm-up on the sideline.

The youth culture and hip-hop angles followed much later. As did Zuckerberg.

Today, the hoodie can be an emblem of sportswear, streetwear and startup culture. It can be political — but it can also be the most versatile outerwear you’ll wear this spring, a tempestuous season where you can be hot, cold, dry or wet all in one day. It layers well, doubles as a jacket and, now, incorporates the best elements from more established outerwear.

Whatever your case, we’ve got you covered.

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