Inventor’s 360-Degree Backyard Swing Looks Delightfully Unsafe

British dad Colin Furze is a bloody bad man

By The Editors

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12 August 2016

Colin Furze creates childlike inventions (hoverbikes, high-voltage ejector beds, firework rocket launchers) that, had we gotten anywhere near them as children, we never would have reached adulthood.

Case in point: a backyard swing that goes 360 degrees around and looks dangerous as all hell.

Hazardous or not, the 36-year-old had no problem taking the homemade device for a test swing sans safety equipment and hitting a maximum height of 31 feet in a clip he posted on YouTube.

“I get motion sickness, I don't particularly like heights and I don't like going upside down,” he says in the video before getting on the swing — and then hops on anyway.

For your own well-being, don’t try replicating Furze’s invention at home. Or his accent, for that matter.

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