Unofish makes baller basketballs

By The Editors
December 8, 2014 9:00 am

Your correspondent would like to recommend that you get some balls.

Basketballs, actually.

Like these:

Unofish, just available for preorder now.

Now we don’t often recommend sporting equipment. But these aren’t ordinary dribblers.

Founded by the Zappos guy, Unofish’s balls are stitched in Italian leather and pony hair.

The kind of knickknack that looks good displayed around the home or office. Also makes an excellent holiday gift.

And for those of you looking to hit the courts, Unofish has a line of premium 3X balls that are regulation size, well-made and damn handsome.

Added bonus: you buy one 3X and they donate one to the Boys and Girls Club. A nice charity for the holidays.

They also make backpacks, in which your shoes and gym clothes will fit nicely.

So, you know. No excuses.

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