Top Land

By The Editors
February 14, 2013 9:00 am

Once more unto the breach, dear friends. We’re going to the mall.

No, seriously. But there’s an excellent reason.

Topman, the modish Brit men’s store, lands at The Grove this afternoon. Don’t go today – unless you fancy OMGing ladies rifling through handbags like whirling dervishes.

But when you eventually gird your stylish loins — or accompany your lady friend — here are the pieces you’ll want to get.

Robri Suede Desert Shoe ($110)

You know what LA’s climate is perfect for (besides suntans)? Suede. The Robri Desert Shoe pairs well with lightweight suits, like the one below, and looks dashing with loafer socks that leave your ankles exposed.

Wine Coloured Cotton Suit ($400)

A two-button, continental-cut jacket and flat-fronted pants, both 100 percent cotton. Colorful but not brash, and perfect for hiding wine stains.

White Smart Shirt ($40)

You can’t have enough white shirts, especially now that warmer temps are approaching. These are the ones you want. Simple, elegant and modestly priced.

Topshop Topman opens today at 4 p.m. in the corner formerly occupied by Banana Republic. Bonus: their just-launched Lux line — very mod, very blue and black — will be sold exclusively in-store for the next two weeks before going nationwide in March. 

Of course, Topman also has an incredible online store.

So perhaps it’s actually once more unto the Internet.

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