Rastafar Eyes

By The Editors
June 11, 2014 9:00 am

Reggae has inspired many things.

It gave The Clash their staccato swagger. It gave Clapton a sheriff to shoot. And it gave Snoop another reason to light a spliff.

Add to the list: sunnies.

Give a temple doff to the Rhyging by Barton Perreira, a face-flattering pair of shades inspired by Jimmy Cliff’s character in The Harder They Come (Ivan Martin, better known as — you guessed it — Rhyging).

Cliff’s reggae rebel actually wore a pair of aviators. Barton Perreira stuck to that basic shape for the Rhyging, but firmed the brow with matte acetate and used a lightweight zyl frame. They also added intricate detailing to the temples and angled the lens for a boxier silhouette.

These are the most versatile shades a man can buy. Meaning: they’re great for summer.

They work at a wedding.

They work by the pool.

They work playing bocce.

They work at work.

It’s always a bright sunshiny day in L.A. So … they work every day.

Nota bene: You can see Jimmy Cliff this summer at the Hollywood Bowl, tickets on sale now.

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