Four Simple Rules for Doing Man Jewelry Right

Wanna look as cool as Miles and Keith?

October 17, 2017 9:00 am

Men who wear jewelry fall into two camps:

Those who look effortlessly dapper, and those who want to sell you two tickets to Flavortown.

So we paid a visit to Miansai — a Miami-based accessories company with a new location in Venice — to ask founder Michael Saiger for some ground rules on what to wear and, more importantly, how to wear it.

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“I started making jewelry in college,” Saiger tells us. “At the time, there wasn’t much jewelry for guys that was cool, accessible and masculine.”

The first piece he made was an empty bullet case strung on a leather cord. “I made it into a cuff.”

Here are his four tips on how to keep things natural and natty.

Minimal designs are a man’s best friend
Miansai cut their teeth peddling bracelets that abide two primary silhouettes: cords and cuffs. The former refers to any type of wrappedbraided or linked piece that conforms to the contours of your wrist; the latter, bracelets made of one or more pieces of simple, stark bent metal. The common thread between the two: subtle, minimal designs that complement your outfit without standing out like a sore thumb. “I think everyone has their own style. It’s all about knowing what works for you personally.”

Mix and match materials and styles
Do: Wear a leather or synthetic cord over a sterling silver cuff. Don’t: Stack two silver cuffs on top of each other.

Ignore trends
“People think because there is a new trend that everyone can wear it, but you really need to see what works best for you,” says Saiger. “A timeless piece is something that has longevity and won’t fade out fast. I design pieces you’ll have for years to come.” The key here, again, is minimalism. A simple cuff or anchor necklace will pair well with a black suit or jeans and an oxford this year, next year and 10 years after that. That dragon-emblazoned thumb ring you wore in high school? Less so.

Most importantly: less is always more
“In general, I would say don’t wear or try to do too much,” Saiger advises. Remember: you aren’t Jimi Hendrix or Keith Richards, or some other eccentric persona who frequents talk shows and red carpets with a reputation for swashbuckling panache to uphold. You are a guy looking to add a touch of tasteful flair to his outfit. Two bracelets on one hand and a watch on the other? Go for it. A tangled mess of necklaces and enough rings to injure someone via handshake? Nitsch, nitsch.

Miansai’s new store on Abbot Kinney is a clean, well-lit space with a little coffee station in the back. They also sell leather bags, folios and wallets.

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