Suitably So

By The Editors
December 27, 2013 9:00 am

Surfing is about inner peace and exhilaration.

Being chafed benefits neither.

That’s why we recommend Carapace, a made-to-measure wetsuit company based near Manhattan Beach.

Helmed by two surf sartorialists and a Body Glove vet, Carapace was Kickstarted this year and recently began peddling two suits: the EXO1 (limestone-based neoprene) and the EXO2 (polypropylene).

You want the limestone.

In the world of wetsuits, limestone neoprene is the gold standard. It’s more durable and eco-friendly, and doesn’t hold water, which means it’s lighter and keeps you warmer.

Order online through a simple process that delivers them your measurements, which they perfect with CAD software.

The suits are handmade in Taiwan (glued seams, blind-stitched panels and hand-laid tape covers at the seams) and arrive three weeks after you submit an order.

Just in time for those winter swells — if you order now.

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