This Makes Marijuana Even Better

We tested it and everything.

By The Editors
January 14, 2015 9:00 am

Marijuana, like the Vince Vaughn of yesteryear might say, is all grows up.

Washington legalized it. Colorado legalized it. Hell, Congress even legalized it. Medically, anyway. But in some aspects — like its absurd strain names (e.g., AK-47) and head-shop-like dispensaries — it’s still a bit of a man-child.

That’s why we recommend Cannador, a handsome humidor for your herbs, available now.


These bud boxes are built with a two-way humidity system that’ll keep your buds sticky and redolent for longer than it would take you to, say, read Finnegans Wake whilst sober.

And unlike those flea market Mason jars, this is presentable enough for your coffee table or office.

Cannador’s made from mahogany, a breathable wood that doesn’t impart any oils and doesn’t warp with moisture.

There are various sizes to choose from, and each contains 3-5 perforated canisters for your different strains. They hold up to three-quarters of an ounce in toto.

On the inner lid is a two-way bead system that controls humidity. It only needs to be rehydrated monthly. Pretty low maintenance.

In case, y’know, you forget.

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